GP Game Production Ltd is an organization with expertise in current, contemporary concept creation and years of experience in Video Games, TV- and Movie Production, Live Events and International Business.


GP Game Production has developed a revolutionary entertainment concept that takes people on a journey from mobile games to the real world and turns dreams into reality.

This unique business model meets the high expectations of today’s Media Houses all around the world.

The concept integrates an addictive Opportunity Platform, instant wins and a revolutionary new Reality TV Show.







GP Game Production Ltd has created a new entertainment concept bridging mobile gaming and television. It is called “Where Is My Lamborghini?”  The idea is that you play a mobile game where you can win real world rewards such as mobile phones, tablets, t-shirts etc. instead of just points. On top of this every week the most active mobile gamers are invited to casting and from there they have a chance to proceed to a cinematic reality TV series shot in Dubai.

Where Is My Lamborghini?,  the TV Series,  mixes movie like, cinematic introduction sequences with an adventure reality series. This is a premiere season of the exciting and amusing entertainment for the whole family. The series portrays Dubai as the mesmerizing place it is and tells the story of the city in all 10 episodes. Some of the themes are historic pearl diving, trade, culture, architecture and future. As well as being an entertaining series it also markets Dubai for a wide audience via Dubai TV satellite broadcasting.

GP Game Production is currently producing the series for Dubai Media Incorporated and the first episode airs in November.

TV broadcasters around the world (India, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia…) have shown interest in the concept and in the future broadcasting of the series in their regions, filming always takes place in Dubai. Dubai is a playground and the best film set imaginable. Our series always portrays Dubai in a positive light to create hype around the city and help with tourism and businesses.

The reality challenges are vivid and visually lift reality TV to the next level. Some of the episodes have been written with no fear and feature exotic locations and larger than life adventures scripted in to the challenges taking place in the reality and cinematic sequences.



Now you have a chance to get your very own Lambo by playing our mobile game!

The first game for the Lamborghini runs for 15 weeks. Every game day we hand out plenty of valuable rewards. For the first weeks, you not only play for daily rewards but also to get your invitation to the “Dare to Dream” TV series casting. Selected contestants take part in an experience of a lifetime in Magical Dubai. Every week the winner of the episode will secure their place in the Grand Finale of the series.

For the last 8 weeks, there will be no more casting. The going gets tough. The best mobile gamer of each week will go directly to the Grand Finale. At the end of the Grand Finale, the lucky winner drives away in a brand-new Lamborghini.